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Giving Feedback

You can share feedback by creating issues on zed-industries/feedback. There is a shortcut in the Zed status bar to create a new issue there.


Add issues for any bugs you encounter or missing features essential to your workflow.

For bugs, try to add as much detail as possible if it is not obvious to reproduce. Let us know how severe the problem is to you. If the bug is more of a papercut or something that would keep you from using Zed. Output from Zed is logged at ~/Library/Logs/Zed/Zed.log; including this log in your report can be helpful for debugging certain types of issues, such as crash reports.

For new feature requests, try to focus on the things that are most critical to you rather than exhaustively listing all features another editor you have used has.

For both feature requests and bug reports, decorate existing issues with +1 reactions (👍) to signify their importance to you.

Zed Community Q&A

Use the community forum to ask questions and learn from one another. We will be present in the forum and answering questions as well.


You can join the Zed Insiders Discord to chat with us and other insiders.


If you prefer to write up your thoughts as an email, you can send them to