How to Collaborate

Add a contact

  • If they're an existing Zed user, add them in the contacts panel. They will need to accept your contact request.
  • If they're not a Zed user and you have invites, you can copy your invite link at the bottom of the contacts panel or on this site. They'll automatically be added as your contact when they join. We're limiting invites to ensure we grow at a sustainable rate. Contact us if you need more.

To join a contact's project

  • They'll need to make sure their project is online. If they see it displayed with a lock next to it, click the lock to bring it online.
  • If the project is online, you'll see it under their name in the contacts panel. Click on the project.
  • A new window opens. Wait for the host to accept your request.

To have a contact join your project

  • Make sure your project is online. If you see a lock next to the project under your name in the contacts panel, click the lock to bring it online.
  • Have your contact click on the project they would like to join under your name in the contacts panel.
  • Accept their join request and start collaborating.
  • To stop sharing, simply close the project window.

Following a collaborator

When you join a project, you'll immediately start following the host as they move within and between files.

You automatically stop following whenever you move the cursor or edit. To start following again, you can click on a collaborator's avatar or cycle through following different participants by pressing ctrl-alt-cmd-f.

Following is confined to a particular pane. When a pane is following a collaborator, it is outlined in their cursor color. This pane-specific behavior allows you to follow someone in one pane while navigating independently in another, and can be an effective layout for some styles of collaboration.