OCaml support is available through the OCaml extension.

Setup Instructions

If you have the development environment already setup, you can skip to Launching Zed

Using Opam

Opam is the official package manager for OCaml and is highly recommended for getting started with OCaml. To get started using Opam, please follow the instructions provided here.

Once you install opam and setup a switch with your development environment as per the instructions, you can proceed.

Launching Zed

By now you should have ocamllsp installed, you can verify so by running

ocamllsp --help

in your terminal. If you get a help message, you're good to go. If not, please revisit the installation instructions for ocamllsp and ensure it's properly installed.

With that aside, we can now launch Zed. Given how the OCaml package manager works, we require you to run Zed from the terminal, so please make sure you install the Zed cli if you haven't already.

Once you have the cli, simply from a terminal, navigate to your project and run

zed .

Voila! You should have Zed running with OCaml support, no additional setup required.