Getting Started

Welcome to Zed! We are excited to have you. Here is a jumping-off point to getting started.


You can obtain the release build via the download page. After the first manual installation, Zed will periodically check for and install updates automatically for you.

Configure Zed

Use + , to open your custom settings to set things like fonts, formatting settings, per-language settings and more. You can access the default configuration using the Zed > Settings > Open Default Settings menu item. See Configuring Zed for all available settings.

Set up your key bindings

You can access the default key binding set using the Zed > Settings > Open Default Key Bindings menu item. Use + K, + S to open your custom keymap to add your own key bindings. See Key Bindings for more info.

System Requirements


Supported versions: Catalina (10.15) - Sonoma (14.x).

The implementation of our screen sharing feature makes use of LiveKit. The LiveKit SDK requires macOS Catalina (10.15); consequently, in v0.62.4, we dropped support for earlier macOS versions that we were initially supporting.

Linux, Windows, and Web

Not supported at this time. See our Platform Support issue.