Top objectives for 2024:

  • Drive adoption to 50k weekly active users
  • Embrace AI
  • Discuss, plan, and implement Zed in Zed with our community

This will correspond to 3 teams, one for each major objective: Adoption, AI, and Collaboration. Each team will have a semi-permanent lead, with other Zed staff members rotating periodically.

For more details and the latest in our thinking, check out the #zed channel within Zed. For those without a Mac, here's a high level overview of our plans in our current major focus areas. This is all subject to change, but should give you an idea of what we're thinking.


Goal: Understand what developers want and give it to them

Lead: @maxbrunsfeld


  • Extensibility
    • Theme extensions
    • Language extensions
    • General purpose extensions
  • Linux support
  • Web support
  • Git
    • Blame
    • Diffs
    • Commit
    • Stage
    • History
  • Test runner
  • Prose: Markdown, spell check
  • Improve multibuffers UX
  • Remote development
  • Debugger
  • Settings UI
  • Keymap UI


Long-term goal: Build a superintelligent pair programmer

Short-term goal: Ship AI-enabled features based on emerging tech such as LLMs and vector databases.

Lead: @as-cii


  • Out-of-the box AI support (no OpenAI key)
  • Inline assistant in terminal with ctrl-enter
  • Collaboration in the assistant panel
  • Attach documentation and other resources to the context
    • Convert cargo doc output HTML to markdown to feed into context
    • Index these docs with embeddings
    • Provide programmatic access to the model of these docs
  • Fix compile errors etc with AI
  • Pluggable code interpreter
    • Give the AI access to buffers, files, LSP, the terminal prompt, etc inline.
  • Modal semantic navigation
    • Navigate the entire codebase as quickly as possible from character input.
    • Could potentially support everything from a fuzzy mishmash of characters to complex natural language queries.


Goal: Enable us to build Zed in Zed in collaboration with the community

Lead: @ConradIrwin


  • Improve UI interactions and address visual glitches such as flickering tooltips and consistent cursor flags.
  • Enhance file handling to prevent opening git-ignored files, resolve bugs with non-existent links, and maintain cursor and screen sharing stability.
  • Optimize the collaboration interface by adjusting avatar sizes, spacing in player stacks, and ensuring reliable room deletions.
  • Streamline channel management with better admin controls, link handling, and reliable notification systems.
  • Bolster chat functionality with support for multiline input, better notification visibility, and participant status indicators.
  • Refine navigation and linking within Zed to improve user flow and ease of access to various features.
  • Address performance issues by reducing language server load and optimizing chat editor functions.
  • Advance collaborative features including multi-release calls, soft delete for channels, and version tracking for notes.
  • Enhance markdown capabilities with improved grammar, table of contents, image support, and synchronized preview/edit modes.