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Zed Changelog


Zed 0.112.3



We're transitioning Zed to use GPUI2, a new, faster, implementation of our UI framework. For the next few weeks, you'll notice fewer new features from week to week, but we'll still keep on top of serious bugs and issues.


  • Added a setting, seed_search_query_from_cursor, which controls whether the search query is automatically populated from the buffer when starting a new buffer search or project search.

    By default, the search query will always be set to the word under the cursor. If you want to only populate the search query when text is selected, you can add the following to your ~/.zed/settings.json:

      "seed_search_query_from_cursor": "selection"

    If you don't want the search query to be automatically populated, even when there is text selected, add the following:

      "seed_search_query_from_cursor": "never"

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where opening a search without text selected would populate the search query with non-word characters adjacent to the cursor.
  • Fixed being unable to find already downloaded Elixir-LS binary on the file system.
  • Fixed an issue where markdown code blocks were not syntax-highlighted in channel notes editors.
  • Fixed diagnostics triggering too eagerly during multicaret edits and certain stale diagnostics not being removed in time.