Stable release


Zed 0.121.5



๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ This release, we are shipping our first round of user contributions since going open source! Also, we're excited to announce that we've landed support for loading user-defined themes! Check out our blog post about how it works here. We'll be working on adding more UI and more tools for developing themes as we go.



  • Added language support for:
  • Added LSPs for toml and Elm (#4595)
  • Added syntax highlighting for, git_commit, go.mod (#7133).
  • Syntax highlighting for Protobuf (#5160)
  • Associated .ru, .thor, .cap, .capfile, Capfile, .jbuilder, .rabl, .rxml, .builder, .gemspec, .rdoc, .thor, .pryrc, rake and .simplecov files with Ruby.
  • Associated .htm, .shtml with HTML (#4510).
  • Associated .env with bash.
  • Added file icons for .gitkeep, .jsonc, .go, .avif, .heif, .webp, .php, .css, .rb, and .vue files.


  • Added support for counts to H and L motions (#4941).
  • Added support for u and U in Vim visual mode (#6901).
  • Implemented space in normal mode (#6815).
  • Added support for moving to first, middle and last visible lines (H, L, M) (#4941).
  • Added :$ and :0 to vim command (#4303).


  • Added a private_files setting for configuring which files should be considered to contain sensitive information.
  • Disabled collaboration on files that match the private_files setting, though these files can still be opened locally and screenshare will still show their contents.
  • Added a redact_private_values setting to add or remove censor bars over variable values in files matching the private_files setting. Note that there might be a short delay before the censor bars are applied while the tree sitter grammar is being loaded for the very first time. This issue is being tracked here
  • Improved hovering over collaborators' cursors.
  • Added chat mentions for everyone in the call.
  • Added a Leave Channel right click option.
  • Added a hover menu on channels to see who is there.
  • Added a badge to the bell icon for new notifications (#6721).


  • Improved rendering performance
  • Improved GPU memory usage.
  • Improved performance when using a ProMotion display with fast key repeat rates.
  • Improved performance when having multiple Zed windows open.
  • Added support for loading user-defined themes.
  • Changed file finder to ignore spaces in queries (#5324).
  • Improved performance of editor: select all matches by factor of ~250 (#6440).
  • Added the ability to copy a link to the corresponding line on GitHub, GitLab, and Gitee (#6777).
  • Added the locations of the highlighted symbols to the buffer scrollbar.
  • Updated icons in project panel to reflect Git status (#6991).
  • Added ability to expand/collapse directories using the project_panel::Open action.
  • Added support for single quote autocompletion and # line comments in PHP (#6794).
  • Added support for doc-comment continuations in Rust language.
  • Added experimental.theme_overrides to settings.json to allow for customizing the current theme.
    • This setting is experimental and subject to change.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused inconsistent frame rate when scrolling on certain hardware.
  • Render the assistant credentials view when no credentials are set and assistant is opened.
  • Fixed a panic in the fuzzy finder in certain cases.
  • Fixed a panic that could occur finding a git repository.
  • Fixed a bug where Nushell wasn't activating in Python environments correctly (#6323).
  • Fixed issue where copy-paste for folders was not working in the project panel (#6778).
  • Fixed "dtx" vim key combination when "x" is immediately to the right of the cursor (#4358)
  • Fixed Rust module rename from editor not renaming the FS entries (#6916).
  • Fixed continuing a saved conversation with the Zed assistant.
  • Fixed an issue where a channel would grow in height while showing participant avatars.
  • Fixed the size of follower avatars to be smaller than the leader.
  • Fixed chat visibility when joining a call as a guest.
  • Fixed clicking on contacts to not call them immediately.
  • Fixed SelectNextMatch, SelectPrevMatch, and SelectAllMatches actions not working when search bar is not visible.
  • Fixed SelectPrevMatch not being bound in project search.
  • Fixed matching-bracket navigation via % in Vim mode not working for ( in Go, C, and C++ (#6702).
  • Fixed a bug when using the comment shortcut. Previously HTML or JS/TS would all prefix lines with // (#4578).
  • Fixed issues where our file finder fuzzy search would not produce good results.
  • Fixed t not being repeatable with ,.
  • Fixed a bug where background colors in the terminal would only extend for a single line.
  • Fix downloading of language server releases on GitHub that have no assets.
  • Fixed cmd-k in terminal taking 1s to have an effect. Also fixed sporadic non-matching of keybindings if there are overlapping keybindings. (#7270).
  • Fixed a bug that caused a hang when quickly switching focus away from Zed and back again (#7410).