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Zed 0.128.3


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  • Improved Ruby language to recognize Guardfile.
  • Added support for regex syntax highlighting in JS and TS.
  • Added support for JSDoc syntax highlighting (#7224).
  • Added updating for node-based language servers (#9234).
  • Improved syntax highlighting for TS/TSX and JSON.
  • Added a file_types setting that can be used to associate languages with file names and file extensions (#5178).
  • Added ability to specify rust-analyzer binary path (must be absolute) and arguments in user settings (#9292). Example:
  "lsp": {
    "rust-analyzer": {
      "binary": {
        "path": "/my/abs/path/rust-analyzer", 
        "arguments": ["--no-log-buffering"] 


  • Added editing of chat messages (#6707).
  • Redesigned message replies in the chat panel.
  • New users are now automatically added to the #zed channel.


  • Improved undo. It will now restore you to normal mode in the same position as vim, and group deletions caused by c or s with the concomitant insert (#7521).
  • Fixed overeager auto-indentation on line removals in Vim mode.


  • Adds suggested extensions for some filetypes (#7096).
  • Added support for opening the theme selector with installed themes after installing an extension containing themes (#9228).


  • Zed now ships as a non-universal binary, reducing binary size by ~50%.
  • Added the setting always_treat_brackets_as_autoclosed (default: false) to always treat brackets as "auto-closed" brackets, i.e. deleting the pair when deleting start/end, etc (#7146).
  • Added a spinning animation to the LSP checking indicator.
  • Added support for rendering image files (#5251).
  • Fixed file Git status refreshing on .gitignore update (#7831).
  • ⌘-Delete/⌘-Backspace will now suppress deletion confirmation prompts in project panel (#7228).
  • Updated various UI and file icons for consistency.
  • Added experimental ZED_PACKAGE task variable which contains name of the current crate in Rust files.
  • Improved project-wide search performance (#9135).
  • Changed Zed to always open new windows with the same position and location as the previous instance of Zed.
  • Added a reveal: always|never (always is a default) field in task definitions from tasks.json , allowing to customize task terminal behavior on spawn
  • Added recent projects into Zed's macOS dock icon context menu (#8416).
  • Added option to root project folder to collapse all subfolders.
  • Improved responsiveness when loading files into memory.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a general class of crashes that could occur due to bugs in grammars added via extensions.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when editing certain SQL files.
  • Fixed a bug that caused flickering when interacting with the language server logs (#9340).
  • Fixed an issue where not all editor hover popovers would be accounted for when choosing to hover above or below the mouse cursor (#5227).
  • Fixed an issue where editor hover could be dismissed by moving the mouse between hover popovers (#7304).
  • Fixed language servers erased from the disk when project is opened offline.
  • Fixed a panic caused by allowing the CLI to re-use workspaces.
  • Fixed an issue where long extension descriptions could push the GitHub repository icon off the screen (#9331).
  • Fixed an empty search being kicked off involuntarily if no query was typed in yet but an option was toggled.
  • Fixed a bug that broke search filtering when searching a project with multiple worktrees (#9285).
  • Improved scrollbar markers visualization (#9070).
  • Fixes "go backwards" not considering multibuffers in history.
  • Fixed tooltips not working for links in chat panel (
  • Fixed a bug where upgrading an extension did not work correctly if the extension had switched from using an old extension schema with extension.json to the new schema with extension.toml.

Breaking Changes

  • We are temporarily removing the semantic index in order to redesign it from scratch.