Stable release

Zed Changelog


Zed 0.87.6




  • Added git status colors to files and directories in the project panel (29).
  • Added git diff locations to the scrollbar.
  • Added settings for controlling the visibility of the scrollbar: scrollbar: { show: "auto"/"system"/"always"/"never", git_diff: bool }.
  • Added the ability to jump to a specific line and column from the file finder and from the zed CLI. To do this, include a line number and optional column number, preceded by colons, after the desired filename (557, 1184).
  • Added the ability to jump to a specific column from the go-to-line modal, by typing a colon and a column number after the line number.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a git repository’s diffs and statuses did not update properly when the repository was renamed.
  • Fixed a bug where git gutter markers would not cover the full vertical space taken by a wrapped line (#937).
  • Fixed a bug in repository detection that caused it to update rapidly.
  • Fixed a bug where changes weren't reflected in the git gutter when creating a new git repository inside an existing project folder (553).
  • Fixed a lag that would sometime occur when large numbers of files changed on disk, due to reporting the changed files to language servers.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't focus the command palette if deploying it while the file finder was open.
  • Fixed some cases where screen-sharing would have low bitrate or completely fail to start.
  • Updated project search navigation. esc no longer steals focus from the editor.